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Catastrophic Leave Program   

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A. The purpose of the Catastrophic Leave Bank is to create a bank of sick leave days, from which participants may apply for additional sick leave days when suffering from catastrophic illness/injury or to care for a family member suffering from catastrophic illness/injury and have exhausted all other paid leave.

B. "Catastrophic illness" is defined to mean an illness/injury that is expected to incapacitate an employee or family member for an extended period of time, and the incapacity requires the employee to take time off from work for an extended period of time. An employee or family member suffering from a catastrophic illness/injury shall provide verification by means of letter, dated and signed by the ill/injured person's physician licensed in the state of California, indicating the incapacitating nature and probable duration of illness/injury.

C. Employees may donate to the Catastrophic Leave Bank (Exhibit A) under the following conditions:

1. Employee may donate one to five days during each contribution period.

2. Employees must have at least 20 days of accrued sick leave to make a donation.

3. The donation will be irrevocable and is strictly voluntary.

4. A donation to the bank will be a general donation and shall not be donated to a specific employee for his/her exclusive use.

5. Contributions shall generally be made between July 1 and October 1 of each school year, but may extend into other periods during the school year.

6. Additional days of contribution shall be solicited if the number of days in the Catastrophic Leave Bank fall below 50 percent of the initial contribution totals.

D. Only employees who have donated to the bank may apply to withdraw days from the bank.

E. Only employees (or their agents) may apply to use the bank by submitting their request to the Catastrophic Leave Bank Review Committee using the appropriate district form (Exhibit B). Included with the form will be verification of the catastrophic illness/injury prepared in writing by a licensed physician in the state of California.

F. The Catastrophic Leave Bank Review Committee will consist of one SAE representative, one confidential employee representative, one supervisory employee representative, and one member of the superintendent's cabinet. The committee will review all applications. Approval of any request will require a majority vote of the committee. The decision of the committee shall be final and binding. Within 10 days of receipt of the employee's application, the committee will notify, in writing, the applicant of its decision. All applications submitted to the committee shall remain confidential.

G. Restrictions/Exclusions/Miscellaneous Provisions:

1. An employee may request a maximum of 20 days per application. At the end of the 20-day period, an additional 20 days may be requested for a maximum of 40 days to be used per catastrophic event.

2. Days granted but not used will be returned to the bank. One day used will be equal to one day at the employee's per diem rate of pay. The employee who is the recipient of the donated leave credit shall use those credits within 12 consecutive months.

3. Leave granted under this agreement will be coordinated with the extended illness leave provision to create a full day of wages. The sick leave bank will be debited one-half day for each day used.

4. Leave from the bank may not be used for illness/disability that qualifies the employee for workers' compensation benefits.

5. When the Catastrophic Leave Bank Review Committee reasonably presumes the applicant may be eligible for a disability award or retirement under STRS or PERS, the committee may request the employee apply for disability or retirement benefits. Failure of the employee to submit a complete application within 20 days of the request shall disqualify the employee from further catastrophic leave bank payments.

6. By July 1 of each year, the balance in the bank will be reconciled to ensure the number of days in the bank is equal to the number of current active donations.

7. The program will be reviewed annually to make appropriate modifications.

8. The superintendent has the discretion to make adaptations to the provisions of this plan as deemed appropriate.


approved: March 28, 2002 Escondido, California