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College Textbooks; Electronic Versions   

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(a) No later than January 1, 2020, any individual, firm, partnership, or corporation that publishes textbooks offered for sale at the University of California, the California State University, the California Community Colleges, or a private postsecondary educational institution in the state shall, to the extent practicable, make the textbooks available, in whole or in part, for sale in an electronic format. The electronic version of any textbook shall contain the same content as the printed version and may be copy-protected.

(b) For purposes of this section, "textbook" has the same meaning as defined in subdivision (b) of Section 66406.7.

(c) This section does not authorize any use of instructional materials that would constitute an infringement of copyright under the Copyright Revision Act of 1976, as amended (17 U.S.C. SEC. 101 et seq.).

(Added by Stats. 2009, Ch. 161, Sec. 1)


17 USC 101 et seq.

Education Code 66406.7