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Contract Classification   

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(a) The Superintendent shall establish a contract classification system for purposes of identifying, monitoring, and providing technical assistance to contractors as follows:

(1) Clear contract. This designation shall be given to a contract that is neither a provisional contract, as described in paragraph (2), nor a conditional contract, as described in paragraph (3).

(2) Provisional contract. This designation applies to an agency?s first contract for any particular service or to the contract of an existing contracting agency for a new, modified, or different type of service. The timeframe of a provisional contract is at the discretion of the department and is given to ensure that the contracting agency can demonstrate fiscal and programmatic compliance before the contract is designated as a clear contract. The contract status shall be reviewed annually.

(3) Conditional contract. This designation applies to a high-risk contract awarded to a contracting agency that evidences fiscal or programmatic noncompliance, or both fiscal and programmatic noncompliance. A contracting agency with one or more contracts designated as conditional is deemed to be on conditional status with the department for all child care and development program purposes and is subject to any restrictions deemed reasonable to secure compliance. The conditional contract shall include a bill of particulars detailing the items of noncompliance, the standards that must be met to avoid termination of contract and to qualify the agency for clear contract status, and technical assistance plan. Failure to demonstrate substantive progress toward fiscal or program compliance within six months of that designation shall constitute a breach of contract and may subject the contract to termination for any applicable cause specified in Section 8406.7 or 8407, in accordance with Section 8402.

(b) Agencies with conditional contracts shall receive technical assistance from the Child Development Division of the department.

(c) Notwithstanding subdivision (b), technical assistance shall be provided to any contracting agency making a written request to its assigned consultant or administrator within 60 days of receipt of the request.

(Amended by Stats. 2013, Ch. 249, Sec. 5.)