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Child Care and Development Services; Local Contracts   

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(a) An agency that has in place or places a person in a position of fiscal responsibility or control who has been convicted of a crime involving misuse or misappropriation of state or federal funds, or a state or federal crime involving moral turpitude, may have its contract immediately terminated pursuant to Section 8406.7 if there is documented evidence of the conviction, and upon review and recommendation of the general counsel of the department.

(b) For purposes of this section, ?position of fiscal responsibility or control? includes any authority to direct or control expenditure of, or any access to, state or federal child care and development funds received pursuant to this chapter whether that authority or access is conferred based on the person?s status as an employee, director, manager, board member, or volunteer, or based on any other status.

(c) If the agency provides evidence to the department, before the effective date given in the notice of immediate termination, that the convicted person has been removed from the position of fiscal responsibility or control and provides assurance that the person will not be returned to a position of fiscal responsibility or control, the department shall withdraw the termination action.

(Amended by Stats. 2013, Ch. 249, Sec. 7.)