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Student Financial Aid; Commission duties   

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The commission shall do all of the following:

(a) Report, on or before April 1 of each year, statistical data examining the impact and effectiveness of state-funded programs. The commission shall utilize common criteria in determining the impact of these programs, and shall have the authority to obtain any data from postsecondary educational institutions necessary for the reports. To the extent practicable, this report shall specifically note the number and the demographic characteristics of the students who qualify for a Cal Grant award based on obtaining high school graduation or its equivalent pursuant to paragraph (2) of subdivision (e) of Section 69433.9.

(b) Collect and disseminate data concerning the financial resources and needs of students and potential students, and the scope and impact of existing state, federal, and institutional student aid programs.

(c) Report, on or before April 1 of each year, the aggregate financial need of individuals seeking access to postsecondary education and the degree to which current student aid programs meet this legitimate financial need.

(d) Develop and report annually the distribution of funds and awards among income groups, ethnic groups, grade point average levels, and postsecondary education segments.

(e) Prepare and disseminate information regarding the criteria utilized in distributing available student aid funds.

(f) Be authorized to expend funds for the purpose of disseminating information about all institutional, state, and federal student aid programs to potential applicants. This distribution of information shall primarily focus on potential applicants with the greatest financial need.

(Amended by Stats. 2006, Ch. 652, Sec. 2.)


Education Code 69433.9