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Standardized student financial aid application forms   

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(a) The Student Aid Commission shall authorize the use of standardized student financial aid application forms for California. These forms shall be simple in nature and collect common data elements required by the federal government and those elements needed to meet the objectives of state-funded and institutional financial aid programs.

(b) These forms shall be utilized for the Cal Grant Program, all other programs funded by the state or a public institution of postsecondary education (except for the Board of Governors' Financial Assistance Program authorized by Chapter 1118 of the Statutes of 1987, for which a simplified form designed for that sole purpose may be used), and all federal programs administered by a public postsecondary education institution.

(c) Supplemental forms may be utilized if the forms are essential to accomplishing the objectives of individual programs. All supplemental forms utilized by public postsecondary educational institutions shall be subject to approval by the commission, and forms shall be identical for programs with similar objectives, as determined by the commission.

(d) Public postsecondary institutions are encouraged to, but may decide whether to, use the standard application forms for funds provided by private donors.

(e) The Legislature finds and declares that it is in the best interest of students that all postsecondary education institutions in California participating in federal and state-funded financial aid programs accept the standard application forms authorized by the Student Aid Commission.

(Amended by Stats. 1993, Ch. 56, Sec. 7.)