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Cal Grant C award   

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A Cal Grant C award shall be utilized for occupational or technical training.

(a) "Occupational or technical training" means that phase of education coming after the completion of a secondary school program and leading toward recognized occupational goals approved by the commission.

(b) The commission may use criteria it deems appropriate in selecting students with occupational talents to receive grants for occupational or technical training.

(c) The Cal Grant C recipients shall be eligible for renewal of their grants until they have completed their occupational or technical training in conformance with terms prescribed by the commission. In no case shall the grants exceed two calendar years.

(d) Cal Grant C awards shall be for institutional fees, charges, and other costs including tuition, plus training-related costs, such as special clothing, local transportation, required tools,. equipment, supplies, and books. In determining the amount of grants and training-related costs, the commission shall take into account other state and federal programs available to the applicant.

(e) Cal Grant C awards shall be awarded in areas of occupational or technical training as determined by the commission after consultation with appropriate state and federal agencies.

(Amended by Stats. 1989, Ch. 1113, Sec. 18.7.)