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Default on student loan   

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(a) If a borrower defaults on a guaranteed student loan and the lender's default claim has been paid, the Student Aid Commission shall fulfill the collection efforts required by federal law, which includes initiating a civil suit against the borrower for repayment of the loan.

(b) After the period specified in federal law for commencing action, the amount of the promissory note, plus interest and costs, may be collected by the filing of a certificate requesting judgment pursuant to subdivision (c) or by other appropriate civil action.

(c) If the loan principal, interest, and predefault and collection costs are not paid when due, and there is evidence that the borrower does not intend to pay under the terms of the promissory note or promissory notes, the commission may file in the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of Sacramento County, or any other county, a certificate specifying the amount of the loan principal, interest, and predefault and collection costs due, the name and last known address of the individual liable for the amount due, the fact that the commission has complied with all applicable state and federal laws in the computation of the amount due, and a request that judgment be entered against the individual in the amount of the loan principal, interest, and predefault and collection costs specified in the certificate.

(d) Prior to the filing of the certificate, the commission shall, by mail, notify the individual of the amount that is due and of the opportunity for a hearing. If a hearing is requested, 10 days' notice shall be given of the time and place of the hearing, which shall be held in Sacramento County or, if properly requested, the county of residence of the person requesting the hearing. The hearing shall be conducted by a referee who shall submit findings and recommendations to the director of the commission, or an authorized representative, who shall decide the matter. The decision shall be effective upon notice to the interested parties. The director of the commission, or the authorized representative, may rescind the decision and reconsider the matter for good cause shown at any time within three years after the date the disputed loan first became due, or within one year from the hearing, whichever is later. If no hearing is requested within 15 days after mailing the notice required by this subdivision, the certificate required by subdivision (b) may be filed.

(Amended by Stats. 2002, Ch. 784, Sec. 90.)