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Transfer of records   

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Whenever a student transfers from one community college or public or private institution of postsecondary education to another within the state, appropriate records or a copy thereof shall be transferred by the former community college, or college or university upon a request from the student. However, the community college, college, or university from which the student is transferring may notify the student that the student's records will be transferred upon payment by the student of all fees and charges due the community college, college, or university. Any community college, college, or university making a transfer of these records shall notify the student of his or her right to receive a copy of the record and his or her right to a hearing to challenge the content of the record.

The board of governors may adopt rules and regulations concerning transfer of these records to, from, or between colleges under its jurisdiction.

(Amended by Stats. 1995, Ch. 758. Sec. 91.)