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Classification, district or nondistrict resident   

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(a) In addition to classification as a resident pursuant to Section 68040, each community college student shall be classified as either a district resident or a nondistrict resident.

(b) For purposes of classification as a district resident or nondistrict resident, the following definitions shall be applicable:

(1) "District" means a community college district maintaining one or more community colleges.

(2) "District resident" means a resident who has residence within a district in the state.

(3) "Nondistrict resident" means a resident who does not have residence within a district in the state, or means a student who: (A) within a 39-month period immediately preceding the residence determination date, was graduated from a high school which is situated in territory not within a district, and (B) whose parent or parents reside in this territory.

(Amended by Stats. 1990, Ch. 1372, Sec. 456.2.)


Education Code 68040