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Lease requiring construction   

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The governing board of a community college district may let to any private person, firm, or corporation, any real property which belongs to the district if the instrument by which such property is let requires the lessee therein to construct on the demised premises, or provide for the construction thereon of, a building or buildings for the joint use of the district and the private person, firm, or corporation during the term of the agreement; provided that title to that portion of the building to be occupied by the private individual, firm or corporation shall remain exclusively the personal property of the private party during the term of the lease and the title to such portion of the building to be occupied by the district shall vest in the district upon completion thereof and acceptance thereof by the district; provided further that no rental fee or other charge for the use of the building shall be paid by the district.

(Enacted by Stats. 1976, Ch. 1010.)