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Published materials; copyrights; license   

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A community college district may, in accordance with regulations adopted by the governing board of the district and for educational use, sell, give, or exchange for similar published materials, published materials prepared by the district in connection with the curricular and special services that the district is authorized to perform. Unless restricted by the regulations of the governing board, the sale or gift may be made to, and the exchange may be made with, any person, political subdivision, public officer or agency, or educational institution. The distribution of the published material in accordance with this section is declared to be a public purpose and in furtherance of Section 1 of Article IX of the California Constitution.

A community college district may also license the use of copyrights held by the district, to the same persons or entities and for the same purposes as provided in the above paragraph.

The district shall grant a license to any public agency organized under the authority of this state, unless an exclusive license has previously been granted a private publisher.

Any charge which may be assessed such a public agency for the license to use the copyright or for materials, to which the district holds the copyright, shall not exceed the cost to the district of the preparation and reproduction of the materials.

Any granting of a license, by a district, to reproduce copyrighted material is declared to be for a public purpose in furtherance of Section 1 of Article IX of the California Constitution.

(Enacted by Stats. 1976, Ch. 1010.)