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Revenues received from operation of project   

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All revenues received from the operation of any project acquired or constructed by the board under the provisions of this chapter shall be transmitted by the board at least once in every calendar month, to the county treasurer. On order of the county auditor, the county treasurer shall deposit such revenues in the county treasury to the credit of the revenue fund as designated by the California Community Colleges Budget and Accounting Manual in each county treasury for each district in the county issuing bonds under this chapter. Moneys in the designated revenue fund shall be used to pay the costs of operation and maintenance of the projects authorized by this chapter, including refunds authorized by Section 81957, to provide the amounts required for interest and redemption of bonds as provided in this chapter, and for any other purposes authorized by resolution of the board, subject to any restrictions provided by law or the indenture.

(Repealed (by Sec. 24) and added by Stats. 1982, Ch. 251, Sec. 28.)