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(a) In lieu of drawing a warrant as provided in Section 85239, the county auditor may, with the approval of the governing board of the community college district, endorse, date, and number the order and requisition, and may prepare a separate warrant on the county treasurer for the same amount as the order and requisition. The warrant shall show that it had been drawn on the order of a community college district, shall name the community college district, and shall show the payee and date of issue, as well as other information deemed appropriate by the county auditor.

(b) The county auditor shall draw the separate warrant by signing it, and no other signature shall be required. Thereupon, the county auditor shall transmit the separate warrant to the county superintendent of schools, who shall transmit it to the governing board of the district for issuance to the payee or to the order of the payee, or, with the approval of the governing board of the district, shall transmit it to the payee.

(c) The order and requisition may direct the transfer of the amount of the separate warrant from the funds of the district to a clearing fund in the county treasury, which shall be known as the Schools Commercial Revolving Fund, to the end that separate warrants for all districts may be drawn against a single revolving fund.

(Amended by Stats. 2005, Ch. 654, Sec. 29.)


Education Code 85239