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Minimum qualifications; duties   

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The governing board shall fix the duties of all positions a part of the classified service as required by Section 88009. The board may recommend the minimum educational and work experience requirements for classified positions to the personnel commission. Minimum qualification requirements shall be subject to approval of the commission.

In approving minimum educational and work experience requirements for classified positions, the commission shall insure that such requirements reasonably relate to the duties of the position, as established by the governing board, and that they will admit an adequate field of competition. No requirements may be approved which unduly or unreasonably restrict the field of competition.

The position duties shall be prescribed by the board and qualification requirements for the position class shall be prepared and approved by the commission, as required by this section, prior to issuance of an announcement calling for a competitive examination to fill position vacancies.

(Enacted by Stats. 1976, Ch. 1010.)