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Open competitive and promotional examination   

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The commission shall, by rule, provide for an open competitive examination and a promotional examination to be held at the same time for the positions that existed or could be created when the positions become available for competitive examination, under the provisions of subdivisions (m), (n), and (o) of former Section 13055 as those subdivisions existed prior to their repeal by action of the 1965 General Session of the Legislature.

The rule shall provide: (a) that all permanent employees of the district, classified and academic, who meet the established minimum qualifications, shall be eligible to compete in the examination as promotional candidates; (b) that promotional credits, including seniority credits, if any, shall be equally applicable to both classified and academic promotional candidates; (c) that eligibility lists resulting from such an open competitive and promotional examination shall be merged according to the order of the examination scores into a single eligibility list, after the scores of each candidate on the promotional list have been adjusted for promotional credits, including seniority credits, if any; and (d) that the examination for any such position shall not be construed to be an entrance level position examination.

(Amended by Stats. 1990, Ch. 1302, Sec. 192.)


Education Code 13055