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The sum of two million dollars ($2,000,000) was by Chapter 13 of the Statutes of 1952 (First Extraordinary Session) made available from the Public School Building Loan Fund for apportionment by the board pursuant to this chapter, except as otherwise provided by this section and to be transferred by the Controller as needed into a separate account in the State School Building Fund which was created in the State Treasury.

Apportionments made under this section shall be available as grants to those school districts to which apportionments have been made under this chapter, prior to April 1, 1952, and only for the amounts thereof as are in excess of the apportionments the voters of the districts voted to accept and repay under Sections 15721, 15722, and 15723.

If and when the electors of districts receiving apportionments under this section, vote to accept and repay additional amounts under Sections 15721, 15722, and 15723, the board may make apportionments under other sections of this chapter in substitution in whole or in part of the grants made under this section.

In the event the electors of the district fail to vote to accept and repay the additional amounts or if apportionments covering the amounts are not made under other sections of this chapter, beginning in September 1953, and annually for nine years thereafter, apportionments made to the districts from the State School Fund under Sections 46304, 46305, and 92 or 41050, Sections 41330 to 41343, inclusive, and Sections 41600 to 41972, inclusive, or any successor thereof, shall be reduced by an amount equivalent to one-tenth of the amount apportioned under this section. This section shall not be applied so as to reduce any average daily attendance apportionment below the constitutional minimum. During the year beginning September 1953, and each year thereafter in which the Controller determines that the apportionment of any district is to be reduced as herein provided, he or she shall deduct the total amount of the annual repayment of each district in equal amounts from each installment of the apportionments made to the district. The amount deducted shall, on order of the Controller, be transferred from the State School Building Fund to the General Fund at the time and for the purpose provided in Section 15903.

Notwithstanding any other law, taxes in the districts shall be increased sufficiently to offset the amounts by which the average daily attendance apportionments are reduced under this section. The tax increases shall be made in the manner prescribed under Section 15742 of this chapter.

Any amounts made available by this section which are not apportioned by June 30, 1953, and any recovery by substitution of apportionments made in accordance with this section shall be transferred to the Public School Building Loan Fund.

(Added by Stats. 1996, Ch. 277, Sec. 2. Operative January 1, 1998.)


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