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Escondido Union ESD |  BP  0210  Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans

Goals For Student Learning   

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The Escondido Union (Elementary) School District, in partnership with our community, provides quality learning experiences for all students in a supportive environment, enabling them to be life-long learners, productive members of the community, and positive contributors in a global society.


The Board of Education adopts the following goals as essential to the achievement of quality education:

1. To improve staff morale, build mutual respect, and strengthen district and school climates.

2. To increase educational opportunity and achievement for all students.

3. To increase parent/community access and involvement in our schools.

4. To develop in students the human relations skills necessary to develop positive self-esteem for themselves and others.

5. To meet individual students' needs so that they become more eager, active learners and are able to successfully access the benefits of our programs.

6. To plan for additional facilities which ensure that students will attend schools that provide a positive and efficient learning environment.

7. To assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the use of district resources in attaining district goals.

8. To encourage, promote and facilitate increased creativity of district staff in meeting the needs of students.

Legal Reference:


51020 Definition: Goal


adopted: January 25, 1990 Escondido, California

revised: December 8, 1994