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Volunteer Assistance   

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Duties of Volunteers

Volunteers may assist certificated personnel in the performance of their duties, in the supervision of students, and in instructional tasks which, in the judgment of the certificated personnel to whom the instructional aide is assigned, may be performed by a person not licensed as a classroom teacher. These duties shall not include assignment of grades to students. (Education Code 45343, 45344, 45349)

(cf. 4222 - Teacher Aides/Paraprofessionals)

Volunteers may supervise students during lunch and/or breakfast periods or may serve as non-teaching aides under the immediate supervision and direction of certificated personnel to perform non-instructional work which assists certificated personnel in the performance of teaching and administrative responsibilities. (Education Code 35021, 44814, 44815)

Volunteers may work on short-term facilities projects pursuant to Board of Education policy and administrative regulation.

Volunteers may be required by the superintendent or designee to:

1. Fulfill the tuberculosis testing and fingerprinting qualifications required of all instructional aides, and/or (Education Code 45125, 45347, 45349, 49406).

The superintendent or designee may exempt from tuberculosis testing requirements those volunteers who serve less than a school year and whose functions do not require frequent or prolonged contact with students. (Education Code 49406)

2. Give evidence of basic skills proficiency as required of all instructional aides. (Education Code 45344.5)

(cf. 4222 - Teacher Aides/Paraprofessionals)

Unsalaried volunteers shall be considered employees of the district for Excess Liability and Workers' Compensation Insurance purposes provided district procedures for signing in as a volunteer have been followed. If injured while serving as volunteers in the district, they should file Workers' Compensation Insurance forms provided by the Risk Management department. Volunteers driving on a school-sponsored field trip shall file a "Permit to Drive by Private Vehicle" form with the school site, and meet the district's requirement for automobile insurance coverage for their private vehicle. If an accident occurs while driving on a school-sponsored field trip, an accident report must be filed in the Risk Management department.

Qualifications of Volunteers

The superintendent or designee shall not assign any person required to register as a sex offender pursuant to Penal Code 290 as a volunteer who assists certificated personnel in the performance of their duties; supervises students during lunch, breakfast, or other nutritional period; or serves as a non-teaching aide to perform non-instructional tasks. In addition, a person who is required to register as a sex offender because of a conviction for a crime where the victim was a minor under age 16 shall not serve as a volunteer in any capacity in which he/she would be working directly and in an unaccompanied setting with minors on more than an incidental and occasional basis or have supervision or disciplinary power over minors.(Education Code 35021, 45349; Penal Code 290.95)

The superintendent or designee shall verify by reasonable means that persons serving as volunteer instructional aides and non-teaching volunteer aides are not required to register as a sex offender pursuant to Penal Code 290.

Completion of the following shall be required of volunteers prior to beginning volunteer service at any site:

* Guest/volunteer registry

* Volunteer application

* Megan's Law background check

* Volunteer code of conduct

* A criminal background check may be completed

(cf. 3515.5 - Sex Offender Notification)

Parents or community member volunteers who supervise or work with students, and are not under the immediate supervision and direction of a district employee, shall be fingerprinted and complete a Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal background check. The district Human Resources department shall maintain a data base of all volunteers who have been fingerprinted and approved to supervise or work directly with students without the immediate supervision of a district employee.

Child Care and Development Programs

All volunteers in child care and development programs shall be tested for tuberculosis not more than 60 days before or within seven days after the volunteer service begins; staff shall also maintain annual follow-up reports indicating that the volunteer is free from tuberculosis. (5 CCR 18168)

Volunteers will not be left alone with children in child care and development programs. Volunteers who provide direct care and supervision to children in child care and development programs must be fingerprinted for criminal record clearance unless the person is directly supervised by the licensee or a facility employee with a criminal record clearance or exemption, or the volunteer spends no more than 16 hours per week at the facility. (Health and Safety Code 1596.871)

Complaints Regarding Volunteers

Principals or department managers shall establish a procedure for receipt, investigation, and resolution of complaints regarding volunteers. Any complaint falling within the description of sexual harassment shall be investigated and resolved in accordance with Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 4119.11

Volunteer Work Projects

All volunteer work projects shall adhere to Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 3290 and must be approved in advance. Projects required to comply with Board Policy 3290 include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Alterations, additions or repairs to buildings and grounds

2. Construction involving wall or roof penetration, drilling or nailing

3. Structural modifications

4. Electrical, electronic, plumbing, or heating and cooling work

5. Painting

6. Installation of carpet

7. Installation of playground equipment and benches

8. Installation of sprinkler systems

9. Paving

10. Installation of marquees and signs

11. Tree planting, pruning or removal

The superintendent or designee shall ensure that the above projects comply with health and safety codes, building codes, fire codes, environmental laws, and agreements with employee Bargaining units. The district will provide on-site assistance and supervision for such projects, depending upon their complexity and the expertise of the volunteers. Projects shall be inspected upon completion to ensure that the work was done satisfactorily. Electrical, electronic, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, welding, and structural work must be done by a licensed contractor or performed under the supervision of a skilled district maintenance employee knowledgeable of the trade involved.

(cf. 3514 - Environmental Safety)

(cf. 3514.1 - Hazardous Substances)


May 25, 2011 Escondido, California