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Solicitation Of Funds From And By Students   

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It is recognized by the Board of Education that the district provides a major part of the funds required to support the educational program. The board also recognizes that student participation in fund-raising activities for the schools and nonprofit, nonpartisan charitable organizations can help develop a sense of social responsibility in students, enhance the relationship between the school and community, and contribute to the improvement of the school program.

(cf. 1325 - Advertising and Promotion)

(cf. 4135 - Soliciting and Selling)

(cf. 6142.4 - Learning through Community Service)

Solicitations on Behalf of the School

The following guidelines should be used:

1. Fund-raising activities engaged in by students should have an intrinsic educational value, which emphasizes the value of planning, organizing, and working together to serve others.

2. Whether solicitations are made on behalf of the school or on behalf of a charitable organization, students shall not be barred from an event or activity because they did not participate in fund-raising.

3. Potential donors, including parents/guardians and members of the community, should not be unduly pressured to contribute to the school system or charitable organizations. Staff is expected to emphasize the fact that donations are always voluntary.

4. Individual rewards or prizes, such as merchandise or money offered students for participating in a fund-raising activity, should be minimized.

Individual prizes, when given, should have an intrinsic educational value for the student.

5. The principal is responsible for making certain that students and their parents have a clear understanding of the objectives of the fund-raising project and of the purpose for which the funds will be used (i.e., field trip funds, purchase of educational equipment or materials, etc.).

6. Selection and planning of fund-raising projects should carefully review the portion of funds raised that would be allocated to the objective of the project versus the costs of the fund-raising activities. Prior written approval is required for sales or solicitations whenever any portion of the funds raised is to be applied to the costs of the fund-raiser or to the costs of merchandise sold, such as the sale of candy or wrapping paper. Such approval is not required if the total proceeds of a solicitation are to be delivered to the school without deductions for expenses. (Education Code 51521)

7. All fund-raising projects must have prior approval by the principal. Teachers, parents/guardians, or public groups must discuss the project with the principal before commitments are made to students, teachers or parents/ guardians.

8. Use of classroom time for planning and monitoring fund-raising projects must be approved in advance by the principal.

a. Recommended maximum amount of classroom time for planning and monitoring projects is one hour per year.

b. The purpose of any fund-raising activity under the auspices of a school student body shall benefit a major portion of the student body. Fund-raising activities may be conducted also under the auspices of PTA or School Site Council.

9. Written parent/guardian permission must be obtained if the student is to solicit funds or sell merchandise.

10. Door-to-door solicitation by students will not be permitted.

Use of Funds

Funds raised by a student body organization and other public or community groups shall be used for the purchase of:

1. Instructional field trips, which have educational value.

2. Programs (assemblies), which supplement the district's course of study.

3. Approved educational items and activities, except for basic supplies normally included in the school budget. (Basic supplies include, but are not limited to, writing materials, textbooks, workbooks, and other instructional materials which are needed by teacher and student to complete district approved course requirements.)

All funds raised by students shall be accounted for in keeping with procedures consistent with district policy and current law. A receipt shall be given for all cash donations.

After the fund-raiser has been held, parent/guardians shall be informed how much money was raised and how it was spent.

The superintendent or designee shall develop administrative procedures to assure that associated student body fund-raising activities and expenditures are consistent with district policy and current law.

Solicitations on Behalf of Charities

When approved in advance by the superintendent or designee, nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations that are properly chartered or licensed by state or federal law may solicit students on school grounds during school hours and within one hour before school has opened and one hour after school has closed. (Education Code 51520)


Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the Board of Education. Recommendations for exceptions must be submitted in writing by the principal to the superintendent, at least three weeks prior to a regularly scheduled board meeting. If board exception to the policy is desired, the principal shall discuss the proposed project with the superintendent before commitments are made to parents/guardians and students.

Legal Reference:


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51521 Unlawful solicitations of contribution or purchase of personal property for benefit of public school or student body; exception


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adopted: October 23, 2003 Escondido, California