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Advertising and Promotion   

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Distribution of Public Information Materials

It is the purpose of this regulation to set criteria by which approval may be given to organizations and/or individuals to distribute printed materials within the schools of the district.

Definition of Terms

Organization: A recognized group or entity of the community, either nonprofit or commercial in nature.

Printed materials: A flyer, brochure, ticket or similar publication that has as its purpose to advertise or promote an event or activity of an organization and/or individual.

Criteria: The activity being promoted should:

1. Be consistent with district policy and current law.

2. Benefit students in educational, civic, social and ethical development.

3. Be educationally sound, worthy and stimulating to the students.

4. Supplement rather than interfere with the regular school program.

5. Be well planned and have adequate supervision.

6. Ensure that participation by students in the activity be voluntary.

7. Be equally available to students.


1. Printed materials that advocate a religious doctrine or event may not be distributed.

2. Printed materials of a political nature may not be distributed.

3. A "thon", an activity (such as reading, walking, bicycling) requiring the student to obtain sponsorship, may be given approval for the distribution of its promotional materials under the following conditions:

a. The "thon" may not take place during school hours.

b. A "thon" that asks for the students to walk or bicycle will have its route reviewed for safe conditions by the Escondido Police Department.

c. Printed materials that promote the "thon" may be distributed in the classrooms or made available to the students in the school office. Announcements of the "thon" may be made with the approval of the principal.

4. It is recognized that events costing money (e.g., a carni-

val or fair) often can put an undue financial burden or pressure on families to attend. Tickets that offer free admission or "two for the price of one" must be reviewed carefully. All merchandise for which an ensuing payment will be requested must be approved in advance by the school principal or the superintendent's designee.

5. Printed materials that promote an event costing money, but is recognized as a culturally significant event (e.g., Youth Concert Series or Opera) may be approved for distribution at the discretion of the superintendent or designee.

6. Parent groups that wish to distribute printed materials through the schools shall receive prior approval from the principal.

7. Registration forms, applications or membership forms for the organization and/or individual must be returned normally to the sponsoring group or individual, rather than the schools.

8. Approval may be given for distribution of printed materials that request participation from students for the collection of canned goods or clothing items that will benefit the economically disadvantaged family. Contributions to said cause must be voluntary.


1. A representative from the sponsoring organization must bring copies of the printed materials to the office of

the appropriate district administrator for approval.

2. If approval is given, the printed materials will be stamped, and this stamp will be an indication to school office employees that said publication is approved for distribution.

3. For easy distribution, printed materials must be counted and collated by a representative from the organization desiring their distribution.


approved: January 25, 1990 Escondido, California