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Gifts, Grants, And Bequests   

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Donations: Gift of Service

Purpose and Scope

1. To outline administrative procedures governing acceptance of donated services offered to any school or division, or to the school district.

2. Included in this procedure are services in the form of individual or group projects which represent labor only and/or projects which may include labor, materials, or donated design services.

3. Gifts of equipment or merchandise are governed by Administrative Regulations 3290.


1. Originating Office-Suggestions or questions concerning this procedure should be directed to the Business Services division.

2. Definition of Donated Services-Gifts of labor and/or materials for projects at sites. Such services may include:

a. Cleanup (e.g. litter and/or weed abatement, washing windows or walls);

b. Minor maintenance (e.g., painting, repairs to buildings or furniture);

c. Minor landscape improvements (e.g., irrigation repairs, installation of plants);

d. Small construction projects (e.g., playground equipment, cabling, wiring, equipment installation, minor building improvements).

Note: The district may not provide tools, equipment, or materials to supplement donated labor. District standards must be followed. District inspectors must inspect the type of projects noted in C.2. b., c. and d. above. District inspection will be provided on a no-cost basis; however, extraordinary or other agency-required inspection services may require donor funding.

Project Information

1. Ownership-All materials furnished under this procedure are under management and ownership of the district. Once completed, a project becomes property of the district and shall be handled like all other district property.

2. Payment-In any cooperative transaction, payment will be made only after all approvals, inspections, and documentation are completed and filed with the district. The use of contractors shall require proper licensing and adherence to public, government, and labor codes applicable to the district.

3. Purchasing and Distribution Department-Will assist outside agencies when material items are being purchased.

4. Maintenance and Operations Department-Gifts of service require approval when an item is to be constructed, installed, or modified in any way.

5. Criteria for Acceptance-The district may elect to assume responsibility for one-time and/or continuing costs of donated service projects provided:

a. Services are of direct or closely related instructional value.

b. Services meet all federal, state, and local codes governing education, building, and safety.

c. Appropriate funding sources exist.

d. The district would not be responsible for any future replacement costs.

6. Indemnification-The donor must indemnify the district for injury to persons or damage to property consistent with district requirements.


1. Donor or representative of donor contacts site administrator or department head (originator) to supply necessary information about proposed service project (the plan) for initial review of need, applicability, and appropriateness.

2. Originator will impress upon donor that gifts are given to the district. While the board will try to follow donor's wishes, location/relocation and use of all gifts is the prerogative of the Board of Education.

3. Originator prepares and forwards "Request for Approval of Gift of Service" form, including definition and scope of proposed donated service project, to the assistant superintendent of Business Services. Originator should submit request with sufficient lead time to allow for evaluation of the project and preparation and approval of any required documents. A minimum of 60 working days is recommended. If requested by the assistant superintendent, Business Services, originator prepares and submits "Donated Services Agreement" form.

4. Assistant superintendent, Business Services, reviews request, determines implications of the project, and refers the project for review to the Maintenance and Operations department.

5. Maintenance and Operations Department reviews request and evaluates implications of the project, including requirements for written plans and/or specifications.

a. Notifies: originator; Director, Facilities Planning and Construction; and Manager, Purchasing and Distribution, if project requires written plans and/or specifications.

b. Estimates district costs for project including permits, supervision, inspection, and continuing maintenance.

c. Ensures all applicable codes, regulations, and district standards are met during the project.

6. Facilities Planning and Construction department reviews request, if notified by Maintenance and Operations department, to determine requirements for written plans and/or specifications.

a. Determines the need for architectural services.

b. Certifies that project meets applicable codes and requirements.

c. Estimates district cost for review or preparation of written plans, specifications, and/or inspection.

d. Obtains approval and funding from originator to develop written plan and/or specifications.

e. Forwards written plans and/or specifications to Purchasing and Distribution department.

7. Purchasing and Distribution department will review plans and material requirements of the project.

a. Determine legal documentation requirements.

b. Notify donor of contractor/supplier code and licensing requirements, and verify submission of all required documentation.

8. Assistant superintendent, Business Services, reviews completed request application and either approves or disapproves execution of project.

a. If approved, sends approved request to originator.

b. Sends "Donated Services Agreement" form to originator for donor completion and return.

c. If disapproved, sends disapproved request to originator.

d. Copies of request application, with approval/disapproval action indicated, forwarded to Maintenance and Operations department; Facilities Planning and Construction department; and Purchasing and Distribution department.

e. Prepares and presents a "Notification of Completion" and request for district acceptance to the Board of Education.


approved: April 28, 1994 Escondido, California