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Classroom Interruptions   

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Student instructional time is the most valuable resource offered by the school district. The Board of Education recognizes its obligation to minimize the number of classroom interruptions in order that students and teachers may fully take advantage of all opportunities for learning and personal enrichment in the classroom setting. The board recognizes that such a policy must make the necessary allowances for interruptions caused by emergencies and other urgent situations.

1. Intercoms and/or public address systems shall be used sparingly.

Note: Routine Announcements Could Be Limited To One Time Period A Day.

2. The delivery of routine messages should be limited to designated periods during the day.

Note: All Routine Messages Could Be Delivered During The First Or Last Five Minutes Of The Class Period.

3. Whenever possible, visitations should be arranged in advance through the school office.

4. School maintenance, which would cause excessive noise, should be scheduled before or after school hours.

Legal Reference:


32212 Classroom interruptions


adopted: November 20, 1989 Escondido, California