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Insurance Management   

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General Insurance

The Board of Education shall maintain an adequate insurance program to protect the district against loss which may occur due to the many normal and usual hazards which a public school system faces and to carry additional insurance, when needed, to protect the district against specific and unusual hazards which may be incurred, from time to time, in the various operations of the district.

The insurance program shall include, but not be limited to:

1. Fire and Damage Insurance (building and equipment).

2. Fire and Property Damage Insurance (buses and automotive vehicles).

3. Workers Compensation Insurance.

4. Fidelity Bond Insurance.

5. Liability Insurance.

Where possible, insurance shall be placed through:

1. Full-time insurance agents who are qualified for the specific insurance program.

2. Full-time agents who qualify for other requirements which may be established by the district to meet specific situations or needs.

3. A joint powers agency.

The board reserves the right to remove an agent-of-record or a participating agent whenever, in the judgment of the board, such action becomes desirable for the best interests of the district.

(cf. 4154 - Personnel Insurance/Health and Welfare Benefits)

(cf. 5143 - Students/Insurance/Athletic Insurance)


The board recognizes that prudent trusteeship of the resources of the district dictate that employees responsible for the safekeeping of district moneys and property be bonded.

The district shall be indemnified against loss of money and property by bonding of employees holding positions which have extensive access to property and money.

Such bonds shall be subsumed under a blanket bond. The board shall bear the cost of bonding each employee required to be bonded by this policy. (Education Code 41021)

Legal Reference:


17565 Furnishing, repairing, insuring and renting of school property

32350 Liability on equipment loaned to district

35162 Power to sue, be sued, hold and convey property

35208 Liability insurance

35211 Driver training civil liability insurance

35213 Reimbursement for loss, destruction or damage of personal property

39837 Transportation of pupils to places of summer employment

41021 Requirement for employees' indemnity bonds

44873 Qualifications for physician (liability coverage)

49472 Medical and hospital services for pupils


820.9 Board members not vicariously liable for injuries caused by district


adopted: November 20, 1989 Escondido, California