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The Superintendent or designee shall post at every entrance to each school and school grounds a notice describing registration requirements, school hours or hours during which registration is required, the registration location, the route to take to that location, and the penalties for violation of registration requirements. (Education Code 32211; Penal Code 627.6)

If directed by the principal or designee, a staff member shall accompany visitors while they are on school grounds.

Registration Procedure

In order to register, a visitor shall, upon request, furnish the principal or designee with the following information: (Penal Code 627.3)

1. His/her name

2. His/her age, if less than 21

3. His/her purpose for entering school grounds

4. Proof of identity

5. Other information consistent with the provisions of law

Principal's Registration Authority

The principal or designee may refuse to register any visitor if he/she reasonably concludes that the individual's presence or acts would disrupt the school, students, or employees; would result in damage to property; or would result in the distribution or use of a controlled substance. The principal or designee or school security officer may revoke any visitor's registration if he/she has a reasonable basis for concluding that the individual's presence on school grounds would interfere or is interfering with the peaceful conduct of school activities or would disrupt or is disrupting the school, students, or staff. (Penal Code 627.4)

(cf. 3515.2 - Disruptions)

(cf. 3515.3 - District Police/Security Department)

When a visitor fails to register, or when the principal or designee denies or revokes a visitor's registration privileges, the principal or designee may request that the individual promptly leave school grounds. When a visitor is directed to leave, the principal or designee shall inform him/her that if he/she reenters the school within seven days he/she may be guilty of a misdemeanor subject to a fine and/or imprisonment. (Penal Code 627.7)

Appeal Procedure

Any person who is denied registration or whose registration is revoked may appeal to the Superintendent or designee or principal by submitting within five days after the person's departure from school, a written request for a hearing. This request must state why t he/she believes the denial or revocation was improper and must provide an address to which the hearing notice may be sent. Upon receipt of the request for a hearing, the Superintendent or designee or principal shall mail a notice of the hearing to the person requesting it. The hearing shall be held within seven days after receipt of the request. (Penal Code 627.5)

(cf. 1312.1 - Complaints Concerning District Employees)

(cf. 1312.3 - Uniform Complaint Procedures)

Peace Officers

1. Principals or other school officials shall be authorized by the Board to release minor students into the custody of a peace officer upon presentation of a court order or warrant for the student's arrest or to remove a student from the school premises if a peace officer or school administrator has reason to believe that the student has violated the law. Immediate steps shall be taken by the school administrator to notify the parent/guardian of the student's release and the place to which the student is reportedly being taken.

2. District personnel responsible for the surrender of a student from the custody of the school shall exercise extreme diligence to prevent the surrender of a student to any unauthorized person or persons or to any person or persons whose identity is unknown.

3. Although police officers have the legal right to serve a subpoena at school, the Board believes that the serving officials should be strongly urged to serve subpoenas at the home of the student whenever possible. Every possible step should be taken to ensure a minimum of embarrassment or loss of class time for the student.

(cf. 5145.11 - Questioning and Apprehension)


1. Police officers have a limited right to enter the school premises for the purpose of questioning a student. When students become involved with law enforcement officers, the officer is to be requested to confer with the student at a time when the student is not under the jurisdiction of the school, if this can be arranged. The following steps shall be taken to cooperate with the authorities:

a. The officer shall properly identify himself/herself to the principal or designee.

b. The administrator shall notify the parent/guardian immediately, if possible, except in cases of child abuse or neglect. The principal or designee should make every effort to inform the parent/guardian of the interest of the police authorities, and to advise them that they may be present at the interview and may give or deny consent for the interview.

c. If an officer questions a student or takes any action with a student at school, the principal or designee should be present. It is the responsibility of the officer to advise the student of his/her rights.


1. Police officers do not have the right to remove a student from the school solely for the purpose of interrogation. This should not be allowed without the consent of the parent/guardian. However, police officers, counselors of the juvenile court, or other authorized law enforcement officials have an absolute right to enter a school to take a student into custody or to make a lawful arrest of a student. The officer should be made to display either an authorization order signed by a judge of the juvenile court or to display a warrant for the student's arrest.

2. The officer or counselor need not display a warrant if the officer or counselor shall have reason to believe that the student committed a violation of law. An oral statement to this effect is sufficient; however, a witness to this statement is desirable.

3. If a student is arrested, the principal or designee will release the student into the custody of the peace officer. The administrator will take immediate steps to notify the parent/guardian as follows:

a. Telephone the parent/guardian or emergency contact at home or work;

b. If after reasonable effort contact has not been made by telephone, a letter will be mailed to the parent/guardian on the same day in which the student was taken from the school. The letter will contain information regarding the release of the student and the place to which he/she was reportedly taken.

4. A record of the removal of any student from school shall be made by the principal or his/her designee. The record shall include the student's name, the badge number and official capacity of the peace officer; and the legal category under which the arrest or taking into custody was made.

5. The office of the Superintendent will be notified by the principal or designee of the student's release to the peace officer and the reason therefor.

(cf. 5145.11 - Questioning and Apprehension)


approved: March 15, 1994 Escondido, California

revised: May 17, 2016