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Legal Resources | Penal Code |  PC  13826.62, 13826.062  

Gang Violence Suppression Program; Urban Corps Program   

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(a) There is hereby established in the Office of Emergency Services the Urban Corps Program. The Urban Corps Program is established as an optional activity under Section 13826.6. Community-based organizations receiving grants to participate in the Urban Corps Program may implement the following activities:

(1) Identification of publicly and privately administered programs in the county dealing with the suppression or prevention of criminal gang activities, or both.

(2) Maintenance of a listing of programs within the county identified as dealing with the suppression or prevention of criminal gang activities, or both.

(3) Surveying gang suppression and prevention organizations for the types of services and activities each is engaged in, and identifying needs among these organizations for resources to provide services and fulfill their activities.

(4) Recruitment of volunteers, identification of their skills, abilities, and interests, and matching volunteers with the resource needs of gang prevention and suppression organizations.

(5) Establishment of an urban respite program for the purpose of preventing self-destructive activities and diverting (A) identified youth gang members, and (B) youths who are at risk of becoming gang members, for the purposes of reducing or eliminating incentives for those youths to participate in gang-related crime activities.

(b) The Urban Corps Program shall operate within the Office of Emergency Services for two years following the establishment of a contract with a community-based organization to administer the program.

(c) This section shall be implemented to the extent that funds are available to the Office of Emergency Services for this purpose.

(Amended by Stats. 2013, Ch. 352, Sec. 442.)