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Safety Regulations   

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(a) The department shall adopt rules and regulations that are designed to promote the safe operation of vehicles, regarding cargo securement standards. The regulations adopted pursuant to this section shall be consistent with the securement regulations adopted by the United States Department of Transportation in Part 393 (commencing with Section 393.1) of Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, as those regulations now exist or are amended in the future.

(b) Regulations adopted pursuant to subdivision (a) do not apply to the transportation of a pole on a pole dolly by a public utility company or a local public agency engaged in the business of supplying electricity or telephone service, by the Department of Transportation, or by a licensed contractor in the performance of work for a public utility company, a local agency, or the Department of Transportation, when the transportation is between storage yards or between a storage yard and job location where the pole is to be used. However, no more than nine poles shall be transported on a dolly if any of those poles exceeds a length of 30 feet. If poles 30 feet or less are transported by a pole or pipe dolly, no more than 18 poles shall be transported. A pole shall be adequately secured when being transported on a dolly, to prevent shifting or spilling of a load.

(c) Regulations adopted pursuant to subdivision (a) do not apply to a farmer transporting his or her own hay or straw, incidental to his or her farming operation, if that transportation requires that the farmer use a highway, except that this subdivision does not relieve the farmer from loading and securing the hay or straw in a safe manner.

(Added by Stats. 2006, Ch. 288, Sec. 15.)