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Child Care And Development   

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The district's child care and development program shall include components specified in Education Code 8240.

A developmental profile shall be maintained for each child served by the program. Each child's profile shall appropriately identify the child's emotional, social, physical and cognitive growth. The profile shall be maintained from the time the child enters the program until he/she leaves. (Education Code 8203.5)

The child care site shall be available for parenting or related courses, with priority given to teen parents enrolled in the district's Cal-SAFE program. (Education Code 54746)

(cf. 5146 - Married/Pregnant/Parenting Students)


All district child care and development services shall be licensed by the California Department of Social Services, unless exempted pursuant to Health and Safety Code 1596.792 or 22 CCR 101158.

The license shall be posted in a prominent, publicly accessible location in the facility. (Health and Safety Code 1596.8555)

Licensed child care centers shall be subject to the requirements of Health and Safety Code 1596.70-1597.21 and 22 CCR 101151-101239.2

Program Components

The district's child care and development program shall include the following components:

1. The use of a developmental profile reflecting each child's physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development to plan and conduct developmentally and age appropriate activities (Education Code 8203.5; 5 CCR 18272)

Program staff shall complete the "Desired Results Developmental Profile," available from the California Department of Education (CDE), for each child who is enrolled in the program for at least 10 hours per week and for any child with disabilities regardless of the number of hours enrolled. The profile shall be completed within 60 days of enrollment and at least once every six months thereafter for children of all ages. (Education Code 8203.5; 5 CCR 18270.5, 18272)

2. An educational program which complies with 5 CCR 18273, including the provision of services that are developmentally, linguistically, and culturally appropriate and inclusive of children with special needs

(cf. 5148.2 - Before/After School Programs)

(cf. 5148.3 - Preschool/Early Childhood Education)

(cf. 6159 - Individualized Education Program)

(cf. 6164.4 - Identification of Individuals for Special Education)

(cf. 6164.6 - Identification and Education Under Section 504)

(cf. 6174 - Education for English Language Learners)

3. A staff development program which complies with 5 CCR 18274

(cf. 4131 - Staff Development)

(cf. 4231 - Staff Development)

(cf. 4331 - Staff Development)

4. Parent/guardian involvement and education which comply with 5 CCR 18275 and involve parents/guardians through an orientation, at least two individual conferences per year, meetings with program staff, an advisory committee, participation in daily activities, and information regarding their child's progress

(cf. 6020 - Parent Involvement)

5. A health and social services component which complies with 5 CCR 18276 and includes referrals to appropriate community agencies as needed

(cf. 1020 - Youth Services)

(cf. 1400 - Relations Between Other Governmental Agencies and the Schools)

(cf. 5141 - Health Care and Emergencies)

(cf. 5141.23 - Asthma Management)

(cf. 5141.6 - School Health Services)

6. A community involvement component which complies with 5 CCR 18277

7. A nutrition component which ensures that children in the program are provided nutritious meals, beverages, and snacks that meet state and federal standards and have access to drinking water throughout the day, including at meal times (Health and Safety Code 1596.808; 5 CCR 18278; 42 USC 1766)

(cf. 3550 - Food Service/Child Nutrition Program)

(cf. 5030 - Student Wellness)

(cf. 5141.27 - Food Allergies/Special Dietary Needs)

8. An annual plan for program evaluation which conforms with the state's "Desired Results for Children and Families" system and includes, but is not limited to, a self-evaluation, parent survey, and environment rating scale using forms provided by the CDE (5 CCR 18270.5, 18279, 18280)

(cf. 0500 - Accountability)

9. Programs that promote age-appropriate structured and unstructured opportunities for physical activity and that limit the amount of time spent in sedentary activities to an appropriate level


The district's child care and development program shall maintain at least the minimum adult-child and teacher-child ratios specified in 5 CCR 18290-18292 based on the ages of the children served.

Any person employed at a district child care center and any volunteer who provides care and supervision to children at such a center shall be immunized against influenza, pertussis, and measles. If a person meets all other requirements for employment or volunteering, as applicable, but needs additional time to obtain and provide his/her immunization records, the person may be employed or volunteer conditionally for a maximum of 30 days upon signing and submitting a written statement attesting that he/she has been immunized as required. In addition, each employee and volunteer shall receive an influenza vaccination between August 1 and December 1 of each year. A person shall be exempt from these requirements only under any of the following circumstances: (Health and Safety Code 1596.7995)

1. The person submits a written statement from a licensed physician declaring either that immunization is not safe because of the person's physical condition or medical circumstances or that the person has evidence of current immunity to influenza, pertussis, and measles.

2. In the case of the influenza vaccine, the person submits a written declaration that he/she has declined the vaccination.

3. In the case of the influenza vaccine required during the first year of employment or volunteering, the vaccine is not timely because the person was hired after December 1 of the previous year and before August 1 of the current year.

(cf. 1240 - Volunteer Assistance)

(cf. 4112.4 - Health Examinations)

Documentation of the required immunizations or exemptions from immunization shall be maintained in the employee's personnel file. (Health and Safety Code 1596.7995)

(cf. 4112.6 - Personnel Files)

In addition to the above immunization requirements, teachers employed in a child care center shall present evidence of a current tuberculosis clearance and meet other requirements specified in Health and Safety Code 1597.055. (Health and Safety Code 1597.055)


Admissions policies shall include criteria designating those children whose needs can be met by the center's program and services, the ages of children who will be accepted, program activities, any supplementary services provided, any field trip provisions, any transportation arrangements, food service provisions and a medical assessment requirement. (22 CCR 101218)

Child care and development services shall accord equal treatment and access to services in accordance with law.

(cf. 0410 - Nondiscrimination in District Programs and Activities)

(cf. 5145.3 - Nondiscrimination/Harassment)

(cf. 6159 - Individualized Education Program)

(cf. 6164.4 - Identification and Evaluation of Individuals for Special Education)

(cf. 6164.6 - Identification and Education under Section 504)

A physical examination and evaluation, including age-appropriate immunization, shall be required prior to or within six weeks of enrollment, unless the parent/guardian submits a letter stating that such examination is contrary to his/her religious beliefs. (Education Code 8263)

(cf. 5141.22 - Infectious Diseases)

(cf. 5141.3 - Health Examinations)

(cf. 5141.31 - Immunizations)

Eligible children with disabilities shall be given equal access to child care and development services. (Education Code 8250)

(cf. 6159 - Individualized Education Program)

(cf. 6164.4 - Identification of Individuals for Special Education)

(cf. 6164.6 - Identification and Education Under Section 504)

Children of teen parents shall be eligible for enrollment from birth to age five years or until they enroll in kindergarten, whichever occurs first, as long as the teen parent is enrolled in the district's Cal-SAFE program. If the teen parent is enrolled in a summer school program or a school program operating more than 180 days, eligibility shall be determined by the parent's hours of enrollment and only for those hours necessary to further the completion of the parent's educational program. (Education Code 54746, 54749)

(cf. 6177 - Summer School)

The district shall maintain a current waiting list in accordance with admission priorities. (5 CCR 18106)

The Superintendent or designee shall certify each child's eligibility for the district's child care and development program after reviewing the completed application and documentation contained in the basic data file as well as, but not limited to, verifications of the child's age and district residency based on written documentation provided by the parents/guardians. (5 CCR 18081-18083)

(cf. 0410 - Nondiscrimination in District Programs and Activities)

(cf. 5111 - Admission)

(cf. 5111.1 - District Residency)

(cf. 5145.3 - Nondiscrimination/Harassment)

The Superintendent or designee shall provide a privacy and consent form to the parent/guardian at the time of enrollment and shall obtain a signed copy of that form indicating the parent's/guardian's decision as to whether or not to authorize release of his/her social security number for purposes of data collection and program management. (5 CCR 18070)


Sign in/sign out sheets shall be used daily for all children for attendance accounting purposes. (5 CCR 18065)

Attendance records shall include verification of excused absences, including the child's name, date(s) of absence, specific reason for absence and signature of parent/guardian or district representative. (5 CCR 18066)

Absences shall be excused for the following reasons: (Education Code 8208)

1. Illness or quarantine of the child or of the parent/guardian

2. Family emergency

3. Time spent with a parent/guardian or other relative as required by a court of law or which is clearly in the best interest of the child

4. Time spent with a parent/guardian or other relative which is clearly in the best interest of the child (Education Code 8208)

A family emergency shall be considered to exist when unforeseen circumstances cause the need for immediate action, such as may occur in the event of a natural disaster or when a member of the child's immediate family dies, has an accident or is required to appear in court.

An absence shall be considered to be in the best interest of the child when the time is spent with the child's parent/guardian or other relative for reasons deemed justifiable by the program coordinator or site supervisor.

Except for children who are recipients of protective services or at risk of abuse or neglect, excused absences in the best interest of the child shall be limited to 10 days during the contract period. (5 CCR 18066)

Any absence due to a reason other than the above, or without the required verification, shall be considered an unexcused absence. After three unexcused absences during the year, the program coordinator or site supervisor shall notify the parents/guardians. Children who continue to have excessive unexcused absences may be removed from the program at the discretion of the program coordinator in order to accommodate other families on the waiting list for admission.

Parents/guardians shall be notified of the policies and procedures related to excused and unexcused absences for child care. (5 CCR 18066)

Each student admitted into the district's program shall be expected to participate the full day that the program is in operation, except when the student's parents/guardians request, in writing, reasonable early daily release of their child and the Superintendent or designee approves the request or as otherwise provided by law.

Rights of Parents/Guardian

At the time a child is accepted into a licensed child care and development center, the child's parent/guardian or authorized representative shall be notified of his/her rights as specified in 22 CCR 101218.1, including but not limited to, the right to be informed, upon request, of the name and type of association to the center of any adult who has been granted a criminal record exemption. (22 CCR 101218.1)

The Superintendent or designee shall inform parents/guardians of their right to enter the child care facility without advance notice during normal operating hours or any time their child is receiving services in the facilities. (Health and Safety Code 1596.857)


The Superintendent or designee shall establish and maintain a basic data file for each family receiving child care and development services which shall contain the data specified in 5 CCR 18081.

(cf. 3580 - District Records)

A developmental profile measuring the child's physical, cognitive, social and emotional development shall be completed in accordance with 5 CCR 18272. (Education Code 8203.5; 5 CCR 18272)


approved: October 21, 2008 Escondido, California

revised: November 15, 2016