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Escondido Union HSD  |  AR  4161.9  Personnel

Catastrophic Leave Program   

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An employee who chooses to donate accrued vacation and/or sick leave credits through the district's catastrophic leave program shall provide written notice to the Superintendent or designee of the amount and type of leave he/she wishes to donate. The Superintendent or designee shall review the donor's available leave and transfer the leave credits to the requesting employee.

Donations shall be at a minimum of eight hours, and in hour increments thereafter. (Education Code 44043.5)

All transfers of eligible leave credit shall be irrevocable. (Education Code 44043.5)

Employees should retain at least one year of sick leave after the donation is made for their own personal use.

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that all donations are confidential.

Requests for Catastrophic Leave

A full-time or part-time employee may apply to the Superintendent or designee to use paid leave from the catastrophic leave program if he/she earns paid time off but has exhausted all his/her accrued paid leave and needs to take time off from work for an extended period of time due to his/her or a family member's catastrophic illness or injury. If the employee is incapacitated, a family member or caretaker may apply on his/her behalf.

(cf. 4161/4261/4361 - Leaves)

(cf. 4161.1/4361.1 - Personal Illness/Injury Leave)

(cf. 4161.8/4261.8/4361.8 - Family Care and Medical Leave)

(cf. 4261.1 - Personal Illness/Injury Leave)

The employee shall provide verification of the illness or injury. (Education Code 44043.5)

Verification shall be made by means of a letter, dated and signed by the individual's health care provider, indicating the incapacitating nature and probable duration of the illness or injury.

Employees receiving compensation under worker's compensation provisions are not eligible to receive leave from the catastrophic leave program until exhausting such benefit.

(cf. 4157.1/4257.1/4357.1 - Work-Related Injuries)

An employee who is the recipient of donated leave credits shall use those credits within 12 consecutive months. (Education Code 44043.5)

An employee who receives catastrophic leave shall use any leave credits that he/she continues to accrue on a monthly basis before receiving paid leave pursuant to this program. (Education Code 44043.5)


approved: November 13, 2018 Escondido, California