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Requirements for leadership training programs   

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The county offices of education and school districts selected pursuant to Section 53003 shall conduct reading leadership training programs in accordance with the following:

(a) The members of the governing boards of the school districts, administrators of school districts and schools, and teachers who have been identified by the governing boards of the school districts as having demonstrated leadership in reading instruction in each school district to be served, as determined pursuant to Section 53004, shall be invited to participate in the reading leadership training program.

(b) The reading leadership training programs shall adhere to the program designs and use the materials produced pursuant to Section 53002.

(c) The reading leadership training programs shall address systematically explicit phonics instruction, phonemic awareness, sound-symbol relationships, decoding, word-attack skills, spelling instruction, diagnosis of reading deficiencies, research on how children learn to read, research on how proficient readers read, the structure of the English language, relationships between reading, writing, and spelling, planning and delivery of appropriate reading instruction based on assessment and evaluation, and independent pupil reading of high quality books and the relationship of that reading to improved reading performance.

(Added by Stats. 1996, Ch. 196, Sec. 2.)