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Provision of Food, Beverages, and Related Items at District Functions   

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1. Education Code Sections 35160 and 35160.1 provide that the Governing Board may initiate and implement any program or activity which is necessary or desirable in meeting its needs, or may otherwise act in a manner which it determines is not in conflict or inconsistent with, or preempted by any law, and which is not in conflict with the purposes for which the district was established.

2. This policy provides for the implementation procedures to authorize expenditures of food and beverages at district-sponsored events which further the legitimate purposes of the district. This policy also provides for other certain items related to these meetings or events as designated and approved.

3. The following activities are approved for service of food and/or beverages.

a. Activities honoring individuals in education

b. Public Schools Week activities

c. Educational events sponsored by the Governing Board

d. Seminars and workshops sponsored by the Governing Board

e. Governing Board-appointed committee meetings

f. Group planning and operational meetings

4. Expenditures for items, such as those listed below relating to meetings and events are approved. Examples include:

a. Speakers' fees

b. Rental of space and equipment

c. Framed certificates, plaques, trophies

d. Flowers, appropriate gifts

5. Under this policy, expenditures for the above food, beverages, and related items for a single event will not exceed FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($500.00) without prior approval pursuant to #6, below.

6. Expenditures for food, beverages, and related items that would exceed FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($500.00) shall require prior separate Governing Board approval.

7. The Governing Board determines that those activities are in accordance with Education Code Sections 35160 and 35160.1 and serve the educational purpose as follows:

a. Communicates the mission of the Board of Trustees

b. Increases community awareness of educational programs

c. Promotes individual and group support of local educational priorities.

d. Improves time management and staff effectiveness

e. Commends exemplary service to education

8. The District Superintendent is authorized to approve the function, food and/or beverages, and related items. Approval, in advance of the function being held, is required.


adopted: March 15, 1994 Escondido, California