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Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace   

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TO: All Employees of Escondido Union High School District

FROM: Kay Higby, Director, Human Resources

RE: Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988; Drug-Free Schools and Community Act of 1986 and its 1989 Amendments

The above referenced laws are part of federal legislation aimed at controlling and eliminating alcohol and drug abuse.

These laws apply to all school districts, college districts, county offices that receive federal funds and require that all employees be issued a statement regarding the district policy with respect to an alcohol and drug-free workplace and the consequences if the policy is violated.

Please be informed the policy is that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession or use or being under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance is prohibited in the workplace, which includes all facilities under the control and use of the Escondido Union High School District.

Any violation of this prohibition by an employee may result in 1) requiring such employee to participate satisfactorily in an alcohol or drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program; or 2) disciplinary action up to and including termination pursuant to the provisions of the Education Code or other applicable law.

Another requirement of the law is that, as a condition of employment, employees shall abide by the terms of this statement and shall notify the Escondido Union High School District of any criminal conviction of a controlled substance statute violation occurring in the workplace within five (5) days of the conviction.

If you have any questions regarding this statement, please contact Kay Higby, 480-3007.


Escondido, California