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Escondido Union HSD  |  BB  9120  Board Bylaws

Officers And Auxiliary Personnel   

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Rotation of Board Members

The offices of the Governing Board shall be held on a rotative basis as follows: At the organizational meeting of the Board held in December each year, the Board will prepare a list of the Board members with the name of the member who last serves as president, the second named vice president, the third clerk, the fourth and fifth named member. At each subsequent annual organizational meeting, the first name on the list shall be placed at fifth position with all other names moving up one position.

If the membership of a Board member should terminate, his/her name shall be removed from the list and all names below his/her shall move up one position and shall assume the office of the new position; except in the case of a vacancy which occurs within four months of a regularly scheduled election for the Board. In the latter case the moves upward will be made as prescribed but will be repeated at the Organizational Meeting, so that the officers involved may serve up to 16 months in their positions. The name of a member appointed or elected to the Board to replace the member whose membership terminated shall be placed in the fifth position. The name of the incumbent Board member which goes to the bottom of the list at the organizational meeting shall be placed below that of a newly elected member or members. Additionally, the name of any incumbent Board member who has previously served a term as president will be placed at the bottom of the list in a manner such that the ascending order of past presidents, from the bottom of the list, will start with the most recent followed by the next most recent, etc. When the seniority of Board members is equal so that more than one person would normally be entitled to the same position on the list, the names shall be inserted in order of most votes received in their election.

A member shall be entitled to refuse any office to which his/her position on the list entitles him/her, but he/she shall have the right at the time he/she refuses such office to reserve his/her name in its then position on the list for one time only. If he/she makes such a reservation, the name of the member whose name is immediately below his/her shall be placed in the position and in the office of the position immediately above that of a member making such reservation. If the member refusing the office does not make such a reservation, or if a member reserves the position on the list, but at the next office change again refuses to take the same office, his/her name shall go to the bottom of the list and all names below his/her shall move up one position.

The newly elected president will appoint the Superintendent to the Board.


adopted: February 20, 1996 Escondido, California