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Learning Through Community Service   

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The Governing Board recognizes that community service can help students develop skills, career awareness and self-esteem. Service experiences also can motivate students by letting them apply what they are studying to local needs and problems and by showing them that they can make a contribution to their community.

The Board supports the integration of community service activities with the curriculum so as to enhance learning in all subject areas. The Board encourages staff to collaborate with local public and nonprofit agencies in order to develop service learning activities that meet educational objectives and also fit in with current community efforts to meet human, educational, environmental or public safety needs.

Students shall be offered volunteer opportunities which support and strengthen their academic achievement and help them recognize the relevance of what they are learning in school. Insofar as possible, such opportunities shall also be designed to help students develop cross-cultural relationships within the community.

Parents/guardians shall receive information about the community service learning opportunities offered by the district and their benefits for both the community and the student. The district shall ask parents/guardians to acknowledge this information before students participate in off-campus service activities.

Legal Reference:


35160 Authority of governing boards

35160.1 Broad authority of school districts

51210 Areas of study, grades 1 to 6

51220 Areas of study, grades 7 to 12

51745 Independent study


12407 National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993

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adopted: November 21, 1995 Escondido, California