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Escondido Union HSD  |  AR  4212  Personnel

Appointment And Conditions Of Employment   

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The Governing Board shall approve the appointment of all full-time, part-time and hourly classified employees. Temporary, substitute, short-term and student employees may be appointed by the Superintendent or designee. The position and the pay rate shall be reported to the Board at a regular meeting.

Individuals appointed to the classified staff shall:

1. Submit to fingerprinting as required by law (Education Code 45125)

2. Not have been convicted of a violent or serious felony (Education Code 45122.1)

(cf. 4212.5 - Criminal Record Check)

3. Not been convicted of any sex offense as defined in Education Code 44010 (Education Code 45123)

(cf. 4218 - Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action)

4. Not been convicted of any controlled substance offense as defined in Education Code 44011 (Education Code 45123)

5. Not been determined to be a sexual psychopath pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code 6300-6332 (Education Code 45124)

6. Submit to a physical examination or proof thereof as required by law and Board policy (Education Code 45122, 49406)

(cf. 4112.4/4212.4/4312.4 - Health Examinations)

7. File the oath or affirmation of allegiance required by Government Code 3100-3109

(cf. 4112.3/4212.3/4312.3 - Oath or Affirmation)

8. Submit to drug and alcohol testing as required by Board policy

(cf. 4112.41/4212.41/4312.41 - Employee Drug Testing)

9. Fulfill any other requirements as specified by law, collective bargaining agreement, Board policy or administrative regulation

(cf. 4112.8/4212.8/4312.8 - Employment of Relatives)

When first employed and upon each subsequent change in classification, classified employees other than short-term, limited-term or provisional employees shall be given two copies of their class specification, salary data, assignment or work location, duty hours and prescribed work week. Salary data shall specify pay period (monthly, semimonthly or other) and applicable rates of compensation (daily, hourly, overtime and differential rates). Employees shall keep one copy of this information and shall sign and date the other copy and return it to their supervisor. (Education Code 45169)

(cf. 4112.9/4212.9/4312.9 - Employee Notifications)

(cf. 4151/4251/4351 - Employee Compensation)

Additional Requirements for Instructional Aides

No person shall be initially assigned as an instructional aide without having demonstrated proficiency in basic reading, writing and mathematics skills up to and exceeding that required by Education Code 51216 (repealed by SB 2X, Ch. 1, First Extraordinary Session, Statutes of 1999). If the district hires an instructional aide who has passed this requirement in another district, the employee may be considered to have met this requirement. However, the Superintendent or designee may require the aide to take a proficiency exam upon determination that the test taken was not comparable to district standards. (Education Code 45344.5)

(cf. 4222 - Teacher Aides/Paraprofessionals)

Legal Reference:


35161 Powers and duties

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44011 Controlled substance offense - definitions

44066 Limitation on certification requirements

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45104 Positions not requiring certification qualifications

45105 Positions under various acts not requiring certification qualifications

45108 Restricted positions

45113 Rules and regulations for classified service in districts not incorporating the merit system

45122 Physical examinations

45122.1 Classified employees, conviction of a violent or serious felony

45123 Employment after conviction of sex offense or controlled substance offense

45125 Use of personal identification cards to ascertain conviction of crime

45169 Employee salary data

49406 Examination for tuberculosis

60850-60856 High school exit exam


3100-3109 Oaths or affirmations

12940-12950 Unlawful employment practices


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1192.7 Plea bargaining limitation

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6300-6332 Sexual psychopaths


approved: December 11, 2001 Escondido, California