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Uniforms and Insignia.   

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(a) A school safety patrol member (except a member of the R.O.T.C. or California Cadet Corps on traffic duty in his official uniform) shall wear, at all times while on duty, the basic standard uniform specified in this section, except that the rainy day uniform may be worn under appropriate weather conditions. Only the optional additions specified in this section may be added to the uniform.

(b) The basic standard uniform for patrol members is the white or fluorescent orange Sam Browne belt and either an overseas type federal yellow or fluorescent orange cap or a yellow or fluorescent orange helmet.

Optional additions to the basic standard uniform are any or all of the following:

(1) Colored piping on the federal yellow cap

(2) Colored striping on the yellow helmet

(3) A red or fluorescent orange upper garment

(4) Insignia or a special badge identifying the organization, to be worn on the left breast, left arm, or cap.

(c) The rainy-day uniform is a federal yellow raincoat and a federal yellow rain hat. The Sam Browne belt may be worn over the raincoat.

(d) The insignia, or special badge and cap shall be worn only during official school safety patrol duty except that the governing board may authorize members of the school safety patrol to wear the uniform and insignia for special school safety patrol functions.