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Article 7. Requirements and Procedures for Renewing Professional Clear Multiple and Single Subject Teaching Credentials, Service or Specialist Credent   

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The terms in this article shall have the following meanings.

(a) "Professional growth" refers to those activities which contribute to a credential holder's competence, performance, or effectiveness in the profession of education.

(b) The term "professional clear credential" refers to any credential having professional growth renewal requirements and being either.

(1) a multiple or single subject teaching credential issued after August 31, 1985 as the recipient's first, permanent teaching credential and whose validity is subject to the requirements of Education Code section 44277, or

(2) A service or specialist credential initially issued on or after July l, 1994.

Emergency and preliminary credentials are not considered permanent credentials for the purposes of this article.

Authority cited:

Education Code 44225


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(Amended by Register 95, No. 15.)