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Schoolbus accidents   

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(a) The department shall, pursuant to its investigation of schoolbus accidents in accordance with Section 12517.1, investigate accidents involving schoolbuses, school pupil activity buses, and youth buses for evidence of overcrowding aboard the bus or obstructed aisles, or both, contributing to increased pupil injury or risk of injury. The department shall also inquire of other states containing large urban areas as to whether increased pupil injuries in schoolbus, school pupil activity bus, and youth bus accidents resulted from overcrowding or obstructed aisles existing at the time of the accident.

(b) The department shall prepare and submit to the Legislature, on or before July 1, 1993, a report on its findings and recommendations from its investigation pursuant to subdivision (a), including recommendations for improving the safe transportation of pupils together with any needed revisions to existing laws or regulations relating to seating aboard schoolbuses, school pupil activity buses, and youth buses and requiring aisles to be obstructed while those buses are in motion.

(Added by Stats. 1991, Ch. 298, Sec. 3.)