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Civil And Legal Rights And Responsibilities   

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Education of Children Residing on Indian Land

1. The district will be prepared to receive comments from tribal officials and parents of students residing on Indian land regarding the participation of students on an equal basis in the district's educational program.

2. The district will also be prepared to review regularly collected school data, disseminate materials relative to PL874 applications, share any evaluations of educational programs and program plans that pertain to students residing on Indian lands who are recognized by an Indian tribe as being affiliated with that tribe.

3. The district shall make available for viewing at the district office the original copy of the PL874 application and will also disseminate copies of it to the tribal officials. During a biannual Indian Education meeting, tribal officials, parents of Indian students and students will be afforded the opportunity to present their views regarding the PL874 application, the educational program plan and evaluation of such programs.

5. The district shall provide to each tribal council and to all Indian Education Representatives a schedule of all regularly scheduled governing board meetings including their location and time. Upon request, the district will forward agendas for these meetings. Board meeting agendas are posted at the district office board room a minimum of 72 hours prior to each regularly scheduled board meeting and 24 hours prior to each special session.

5. Parents of Indian children and tribal officials are encouraged to address the Board of Trustees at such meetings regarding matters pertinent to the education of their children. Placement of items on the agenda require a three week notice prior to the meeting date.

6. Individual parents of children, or their representative, may communicate concerns regarding the educational program directly to their student's teacher, the principal or the superintendent.

7. New policies and procedures of educational matters affecting the children or parents of children residing on Indian land and recognized by an Indian tribe as being affiliated with that tribe will be actively disseminated to the tribes and the parents of such children. Such information will be sent home with students and distributed by United States mail to tribal officials.

8. Changes in administrative regulations are made based on Board Bylaws 9313 and 9314.

(cf. 9313 - Administrative Regulations)

(cf. 9314 - Suspension of Policies, Bylaws, Administrative Regulations)


approved: April 28, 1998 Escondido, California