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Escondido Union HSD  |  AR  3554  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Other Food Sales   

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The sale of foods during meal periods in food service areas shall be allowed only if all income from the sale, including the sale of approved foods or drinks from vending machines, accrues to the benefit of the school, the school food service program, or the student organization(s) sponsoring the sale. (7 CFR 210.11, 220.12)

Food sales are prohibited during school hours, and within one hour before or after school hours, unless the organization is legally organized as a nonpartisan, charitable organization, the purpose of the solicitation is nonpartisan and charitable, and the solicitation has been approved in accordance with Board policy. (Education Code 51520)

Effective January 1, 2004 and contingent upon funding in the state budget, the Superintendent or designee shall ensure that the sale of all foods on school grounds complies with the nutritional standards specified in Education Code 49431.

(cf. 1230 - School-Connected Organizations)

(cf. 1321 - Solicitations of Funds from and by Students)

(cf. 3550 - Food Service/Child Nutrition Program)

Additional Requirements for Schools Participating in the National School Lunch or Breakfast Program

In any school participating in the National School Lunch or Breakfast Program, student organizations may sell nutritious food items in accordance with 5 CCR 15500-15501. The specific nutritious food item shall be approved by the Superintendent or designee and, if sold during the regular school day, shall not be a food items prepared on school premises or sold in the food service program at school during that day. (5 CCR 15500-15501)

(cf. 3553 - Free and Reduced Price Meals)

In high schools and junior high schools, a student organization may be approved to sell food at any time during the school day, including the regularly scheduled food service periods. Only one organization each school day may sell no more than three types of food or beverage items at any time during the school day. In addition, up to four days during the school year may be designated on which any number of organizations may conduct the sale of any food items. (5 CCR 15501)


approved: July 29, 2003 Escondido, California