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Weekend Saturday Classes   

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Any class offered for credit on a Saturday or Sunday pursuant to Education Code 37223, except in regional occupational centers or programs, shall be one offered Monday through Friday during the regular school week. (Education Code 37223)

(cf. 6111 - School Calendar)

Except in regional occupational centers or programs, weekend attendance shall not result in crediting any student with more than five days of attendance per week. (Education Code 37223)

Attendance at weekend classes offered pursuant to Education Code 37223 shall be voluntary, except that truants, as defined in Education Code 48260, may be required to attend makeup classes on one day of a weekend in order to make up lost instructional time. (Education Code 37223)

(cf. 5113.1 - Truancy)

A student shall be excused from a weekend class if it is held on a day when such attendance would be in conflict with his/her religious beliefs. (Education Code 37252-37253, 48205)

(cf. 6141.2 - Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs)


approved: June 4, 2002 Escondido, California