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Arts Work Visual And Performing Arts Education Program   

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The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall select a panel of experts that shall evaluate the project proposals and select grant recipients. Evaluation of proposals and selection of grant recipients shall be based on the following criteria:

(a) The arts education policy adopted by the applicant.

(b) An assessment by the applicant of its existing arts education program. The assessment shall consider the degree to which the program implements the state adopted visual and performing arts content standards and framework and shall use any other criteria developed by the State Department of Education.

(c) The commitment and ability of the applicant to implement a comprehensive, sequential arts education program.

(d) The degree to which the proposed program is based on the state adopted visual and performing arts content standards.

(e) The commitment of participating schools, including, but not limited to, the use of professional staff development.

(f) The extent to which program outcomes and activities are aligned with the assessment of the current program and stated needs.

(g) Evidence that the arts instructional program occurs primarily during the regular schoolday.

(h) The inclusion of pupil assessment and program evaluation components that are clearly linked to the project goals and objectives.

(i) The description of plans to obtain future funding and support to continue, sustain, and expand the work begun under the project.

(Added by Stats. 2003, Ch. 580, Sec. 2.)