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Chapter 1. California Student Aid Commission.Article 1. Definition of Certain Terms. Qualifying Institution   

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(a) A ?Qualifying Institution? means an institution as defined by Education Code section 69432.7(l).

(b) An institution qualifying pursuant to section 69432.7(l)(1)(A) must be participating in the Federal Pell Grant program and in at least two of the three federal campus-based programs specifically listed in subdivisions (i), (ii) and (iii) of that section. ?Participating in federal campus-based programs? means the qualifying institution has been allocated funds and is spending those funds at each California site which Cal Grant recipients attend.

(c) A qualifying institution or a specific site of an otherwise qualifying institution shall be deemed disqualified if it no longer possesses all of the requirements for a qualifying institution.

(d) An institution that becomes disqualified pursuant to Part 600 of Title 34 Code of Federal Regulations shall not be a ?qualified institution? pursuant to this section.

(e) An institution disqualified pursuant to this section may become a ?qualifying institution? by complying with Education Code section 69432.7(l) and this section.

Authority cited:

Education Code 69433.7


Education Code 69432.7(l)

(Amended by Register 2013, No. 21.)