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Eureka Union SD |  E  0001  Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans

Mission Statement   

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It is the mission of the Eureka Union School District to establish and develop an educational system through a process of student, staff, and community involvement and participation. The innate abilities and interests of each child will be valued and used in ways that challenge motivate, and equip him/her to be responsible for his/her own well-being and contribute to the constantly changing society in which he/she lives. In this process each child will maximize his/her potential and develop the ability to be a lifelong learner.

Vision: High Expectation + Strong Schools = Bright Futures

1. High Expectations

a. High content and performance standards at every graded level, understood and

contributed to by parents

b. Improved performance on district and national assessments

c. Students will be prepared to be successful at the high school level and beyond

2. Strong Schools

a. High quality, well-trained and dedicated staff

b. Safe, clean, well-lighted and technologically up-to-date schools for all students

c. Staff and parents working together to make decisions

d. Recognition for schools performing above expectations

e. Strong partnerships with parents, business and community

3. Bright Futures

a. Lifelong learners possessing the knowledge and skills to perform successfully and

participate fully in our 21st century world economy


version: August 17, 1999 Granite Bay, California