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Title I Program Improvement Schools   

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Parental Notification: Option To Transfer Out Of Program Improvement School

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The ___________________ School is a Title I school receiving funds through the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001. The NCLB requires schools to be assessed each year to determine if they are making adequate yearly progress toward meeting the state's student academic achievement standards. For the past [_______] years, the


______________ School has not met the criteria adopted by the State Board of Education and so has been identified as needing

[program improvement/corrective action/restructuring]

Federal law requires that all parents/guardians of students in this school be offered an opportunity to transfer their children to another district school or charter school. Such transfers would take effect on ______________.


The following schools are available to accept transfers:

Information about the performance and quality of each available school is enclosed, including information on academic achievement.

Other district schools may not appear on this list because either (1) the school is ineligible to accept transfers in accordance with 20 USC 6316 and 34 CFR 200.44, or (2) the Superintendent has determined that all transfer requests can be accomplished among the above schools.

If you decide you want to transfer your child, please submit your top [number] choices of schools on the enclosed form by to the district Office. It cannot be guaranteed that_____________


your first choice will be available, but your preferences will be considered.

If you choose to transfer your child, the district will [provide transportation for your child to the new school] [reimburse your costs of transporting your child by private or public transportation] during the time your child's current school is designated as needing [program improvement/corrective action/restructuring].

If you decide to leave your child in his/her current school, please be assured that the school will be developing an improvement plan and undergoing a number of steps to improve the school's performance.


approved: December 9, 2003 Granite Bay, California