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Interdistrict Attendance Agreement   

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This agreement is entered into by and between the following school districts:

(List school districts.)

The parties agree that the following terms and conditions shall apply to all interdistrict attendance transfers between them that are based on Education Code § 46600 et seq.

1. Initial Requests

The initial decision to grant or deny an interdistrict transfer request shall be made in accordance with the board policy of each district.

2. Reapplication (options)

___ Transfer students must reapply each year in order to continue in the district of enrollment.

___ Transfer students must reapply upon completion of their tenure at their current school.

___ Transfer students must reapply as required by the board policy of the:

(Check either or both.)

___ District of Residence (DOR)

___ District of Enrollment (DOE)

___ Once a student has transferred to the district of enrollment, no reapplication is required.

3. Revocation and Rescission (options)

___ The DOE may revoke or rescind a transfer permit under the following terms and conditions:

(List reasons agreed upon; for example, the student's failure to meet reasonable standards for attendance, behavior and diligence to studies; falsification of information stated on the transfer request.)

___ The DOR may rescind a transfer permit for the next school year if:

(Specify standards and criteria for fiscal stability, such as if the district receives a qualified or negative budget certification in the current fiscal year.)

___ Either the DOE or the DOR may rescind or revoke a transfer permit in accordance with its board policy.

Note: Neither the district of enrollment nor the district of residence may rescind the interdistrict transfer of a student who is entering grade 11 or grade 12.

4. Term of Agreement (May not exceed 5 school years)

This agreement shall take effect on (date) , and shall expire on (date) .

It may not be revised, modified or amended without the written consent of all parties.

5. Authorized Signatures

School District


Signature and Title

School District


Signature and Title

School District


Signature and Title

(Include additional signature lines as needed for each school district that is a party to the Agreement.)


version: February 22, 2011 Exeter, California