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Modernization Change Orders   

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From time to time, it will be necessary to make changes and/or deletions in the modernization construction projects after contracts have been awarded. Change order request by the district or contractor resulting from interpretation of plans or specifications changes from unforeseen site conditions shall be processed through the Director of Facilities for coordination with the architect. The following three-tier system will be used for the completion of a district change order.

Type One

The Director of Facilities will recommend to the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services who has the authorization to implement a change order and/or deletion costing less than $750,000. This will keep time delays and costly increases to the project at a minimum. These changes and/or deletions will then be submitted in a timely manner to the Governing Board for ratification. The Assistant Superintendent of Business Services shall notify the board within two business days of any individual change order exceeding $50,000 that has been approved under this provision

Type Two

Two members of the Board, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, and the Director of Facilities will serve on a committee to resolve all change orders and/or deletions greater than $750,000 but less than $1, 5000,000, and further provide the change does not add more than 10 percent to the original contract price. This committee, in a timely manner, will submit the changes and/or deletions to the Board for ratification.

Type Three

The Board prior to the implementation of the change order will approve all change orders and/or deletions greater than an aggregate total of $1,500,001 and change orders which exceed 10 percent of the original contract price. Change orders greater than $15,000 which also exceed 10 percent of the original contract price shall be recommended only where a finding can be made that the additional work is exempt from competitive bidding requirements.

In-lieu of type two or three change orders the Board may authorize the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services additional aggregate total dollar amounts above $750,00 under Type One change orders with a majority of the Board.

(cf. 3312 - Contracts)

Legal Reference:


20118 Contracts without advertising for bids

20118.4 Change or alternation in contract


adopted: June 16, 2003 Fallbrook, California

reviewed: September 6, 2011