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Bank accounts for recreational funds   

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The governing board of any school district may establish accounts for community recreation programs established in the schools of the district, in one or more banks. There shall be no more than one account established by a district for any one school in the district. If one account is established for all of the schools in the district which have community recreation programs, the account shall be known as "The Community Recreation Program Account of (insert name of district) District."

All funds for the community recreation programs, from whatever source such funds are received, shall be placed in the appropriate Community Recreation Program Account established pursuant to this section, and all authorized community recreation expenses shall be paid therefrom. The governing board of the district shall designate an employee or employees of the district to have custody of the account or accounts, who shall be responsible for the payment into the account or accounts of all moneys required to be paid into the account or accounts, and for all expenditures therefrom, subject to such regulations as the governing board prescribes.

(Added by Stats. 1981, Ch. 112, Sec. 1.)