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Article 2 Alternative Revolving Cash Fund   

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In addition to establishing or maintaining a revolving cash fund under Article 1 (commencing with Section 42800), the governing board of any school district or any county superintendent of schools may, by resolution, establish revolving cash funds for use by school principals and other administrative officials designated by the governing board and acting in accordance with regulations prescribed by the governing board, for services or materiel and for the purposes specified in Section 45167. The resolution shall set forth the necessity for the revolving cash funds, the principals of schools and other administrative officials of the school district designated by the governing board, the purposes for which the revolving cash funds shall be made available, and the amount of the funds. No funds maintained in any revolving cash fund established pursuant to this section shall be available for the purposes of attempting to influence government decisions, entertainment, or any other purpose not related to classroom instruction. The total amount of the funds for each district or county superintendent of schools shall not exceed 3 percent of the current year's instructional supply budget.

The governing board of any school district or any county superintendent of schools may establish a checking account for the revolving fund in one or more banks. The account shall be established in the custody of the principal or other administrative official designated by the governing board for whose use the revolving cash fund is created. The principal or administrative official in whose name the revolving cash fund is created shall be responsible for all expenditures therefrom, subject to regulations that the governing board prescribes. The governing board shall provide for an audit of the funds on a regular basis.

The revolving cash fund for supplies shall be subject to the bonding provisions of Section 42801.

(Added by Stats. 1989, Ch. 1256, Sec. 11.)


Education Code 42800

Education Code 45167