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Transfer of Records.   

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(a) When a pupil transfers to another school district or to a private school, a copy of the pupil's Mandatory Permanent Pupil Record shall be transferred upon request from the other district or private school. The original or a copy must also be retained Permanently by the sending district. If the transfer is to another California public school, the pupil's entire Mandatory Interim Pupil Record shall be forwarded. If the transfer is out of state or to a private school, the Mandatory Interim Pupil Record may be forwarded. Permitted pupil records may be forwarded. All pupil records shall be updated prior to such transfer.

(b) If the pupil is a within-California transfer, the receiving school shall notify parents of the record transfer. If the student transfers out of state, the sending district may notify the parents of the rights accorded them. The notification shall include a statement of the parent's right to review, challenge, and receive a copy of the pupil record, if desired.

(c) Pupil records shall not be withheld from the requesting district because of any charges or fees owed by the pupil or his parent. This provision applies to pupils in grades K-12 in both public and private schools.